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Business Taxes

As a business owner, you are well aware that income taxes are a significant expenditure. Being aware of your tax obligations is as vital as being aware of any other key financial spend in the planning of your company's growth.

You also need techniques that lower your income taxes rather than simply transferring them from year to year.

BLRR provides proactive income tax preparation for our business customers, just as we do for our individual clients. If necessary, we shall provide interim accounting services to assess your income up to that moment. 

We will connect with you throughout the year so that we are informed of what is going on in your company. This information will enable us to give you with relevant income tax advice.

New Businesses

When starting a new business, you must make some significant income tax choices before opening your doors.

The most important consideration is deciding what type of company entity is best for you.

Our expertise can also help you react to IRS and other government letters, assessments, and exams.

Call us. We are confident in our ability to offer you the educated and responsive tax service you expect from your CPA.

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