Business Consulting Services

In order to make informed decisions, business owners and managers must have accurate financial information related to the business’ past results. It is equally as important to know what the future holds for the business under varying circumstances. At BSLR, we have the experience and expertise to assist our business clients in making sure that their current accounting information is correct and advising them about the consequences that today’s decisions may have on tomorrow’s business results.

Here are some of the ways we can help you:


BSLR has four certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisors on staff; more than any other locally-owned CPA firm in northeastern Maryland. We work with you right from the start to make sure that your QuickBooks® accounting is done correctly so that you can feel confident in the financial information you are using to manage your business. Visit our QuickBooks® accounting services page for more information.

Budgets & Forecasts

As a business owner, you know that what lies in the future is as important as what has happened in the past when it comes to making decisions about the business’ future success and growth. BSLR can provide the assistance that you need to develop meaningful budgets and forecasts for both existing and start-up businesses.

Break-Even Analysis

How much revenue does your business need to JUST break even? How many employees do you need? What is the relationship of employee costs and hours to revenues? We can help you answer these questions by working with you in determining your “break-even” point.

Family Business Planning

Are you the sole owner of your business? Do you own your business with other family members? Are you thinking about what will happen to the business when you leave? If so, you understand that the future of the business after you leave depends on many factors. BSLR can consult with you to lead you through the process of selecting future leaders of the business, future ownership interests, and the best means to transfer ownership during or after your life-time.

Government Contracting

BSLR can help you to set up your accounting system to be compliant with the special accounting methods required by DCAA and government contracts.

Business, Income & Estate Tax Planning

Click here to see how we can help you with business tax, income tax and estate tax planning.

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