Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

As a business owner, you are aware of the importance of current accounting information. It is vital for making critical business decisions such as business expansions or contractions.

If you maintain your own accounting system, be it manual or computerized, a relationship with a good CPA firm such as BSLR is important to accomplishing your goals. We will assist you as much as necessary to keep your books properly adjusted so that the information derived from them is dependable.

If you do not have any accounting records beyond the checkbook, we will perform the general ledger services needed for you to be in compliance with IRS regulations. In so doing, you will also have the records available to make well reasoned management decisions. Those services include posting transactions from the checkbook to their respective income and expense categories, reconciling cash to the bank statements, accounting for fixed assets including their depreciation, accounting for notes payable to the bank, and many other details.

Nearly all companies need these services in one form or the other. BSLR is extremely qualified to perform these services for you. Our dedicated accounting professionals are highly trained and experienced. Call us today at 410-879-3535.